These Bicycles Eat Smog and Spit Out Clean Air

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Image: Studio Roosegaarde

The Smog Free Project was inspired by air pollution problems in Beijing.

By Lisa Cumming | MOTHERBOARD

Bike sharing programs in China are big right now. There are over 30 Chinese start-ups and one of the largest of them all, Ofo, has about 2.2 million bikes in 43 cities. Daan Roosegaarde, an inventor from the Netherlands and the designer behind China’s smog-sucking tower, wants to get in on the action with a bike that sucks up smog and releases clean air.

About three years ago his design and technology company, Studio Roosegaarde, launched the Smog Free Project, which started after he visited Beijing and saw the impacts of pollution. „Some days I couldn’t see the other side of the street,“ he told me over the phone.

„The project is about the dream of clean air, clean water and clean energy,“ he said.


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