Loneliness And Isolation: Two Maladies Of Our Time


Perhaps we have brought them upon ourselves by putting success and the acquisition of things above relationships with our family and friends.

Part of the blame may also have to do with the garage door opener: With it we can zip into our „fortress“ without facing the neighbors!

We could also point the finger at T.V. and air conditioning: Both serve to isolate us in that box we call „home.“

Henry Ford may also share some of the blame: With the automobile came urbanization and the loss of community. Who today, for example, stands around at the post office jawing over the height of the summer corn or how the local baseball team is faring?

Jesus Christ, having gone to the cross alone, knows all about loneliness and isolation.

And if you are His serious follower, you also are no stranger to loneliness and isolation as you walk the near-vacant…

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