#14,2 Let’s talk dreams


4 years after the dream incident, i mostly forgot what happened. Mainly because i had found a good paying job. And i had some friends. The world was finally a decent place for me to hang out.

Still, people were arrogant, unfair and selfish. But i guess that is what the specialty of humanity is. Being human… i still have to get used to it.

Anyway, last night i went to bed again after a long nightshift, it was weekend. So i decided to sleep in.

I noticed myself falling asleep, and tought i might as well have a nice dream for me to spend the night in. So i tough about an island. A great island where everyone was happy. Everyone had fun. On this island. there was no money. They trade with each other, just like in the time when money din’t exist yet.

I decided to dream…

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