The problem of screening out autism with other conditions

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Here’s another little tidbit that corresponds with World Autism Awareness Week. It has to do with the woefully inadequate understandings the mainstream of autism, which are both caused by and correlate with missed and denied diagnoses.

The diagnostic criteria for Autism keep changing, over time. In fact, they can vary from country to country (USA uses DSM-V, but there are a number of other tools in use). And from clinician to clinician, depending on their familiarity and how current they are on the research, the likelihood / possibility of being diagnosed can vary in the extreme. You just never know, really, especially in the US, whether you’re going to be really seen and understood for the autistic person you are.

It can be a veritable crap-shoot, and if you end up talking with a clinician who’s more practiced in other areas (as I have…

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