Beauty and the Beast is coming

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Saturday we have tickets to see Beauty and the Beast and I’m ridiculously excited. I’m not a Disney Princess kind of girl but Belle was the closest that had come along who was like me until Brave. Disney second set of Disney Princesses are a lot of outcasts probably owing a lot to the large gay contingent in the animation dept according to friend that was a camera operator there at the time. The Littlest Mermaid, Belle, Esmerelda, all were outsiders but Belle? She was a reader. Reading was my escape as a child. If it hadn’t been for books and the places and things they let you do and go, I don’t know what I would be now, probably dead. Even though I was an adult when I first saw it, I recognized that girl. Readers tend to look beyond the surface to see what’s really there.

Anyway, I…

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