1.12 – Witness Protection

The Eternity Acts

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Sledg and I made our way down the nearest alley before I attempted to whip up a travel cloud. I was only able to do it without a second thought because I knew I couldn’t be the cause of Sledg’s death if he were to fall. He could just change, worse comes to worst. We hopped onto the cloud, taking a moment to get acquainted with steering. I took us up slowly, scraping against the walls of the alley as I did. Eventually, we were off, with Sledg pointing us in the right direction. I asked Sledg how long he thought it’d be until night fell.

„It doesn’t matter. Anroma is going to meet us there – she’ll give you enough of my change genes to maintain your form.“

I wondered what it’d be like to be human at night. „Who even…

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