1.10 – For the Cause

The Eternity Acts

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The next day, Ace brought Sledg and me up to the roof – all three of us jumped off. Sledg changed into crow form and took off towards the trading union while I crossed my fingers, waiting for Ace to catch us on his cloud. We soon landed on the dense air and sped towards Shannon.

This was my first time on an extended flight with his cloud and it was both terrifying and exhilarating. If there was anything solid to hold on to, my knuckles would have been white. A few minutes into the trip, we descended and landed on the abandoned barn in which we were supposed to be meeting. Shannon and Rella were already talking amongst themselves inside. Ace led me to a hole in the roof and I was thrilled to make such a grand entrance. Hopefully, Rella would relay how…

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