It’s a little late but still heartfelt

Adventures and Musings of an Arch Druidess


I was a Girl Scout professional from 1984-1988 and I was a Field Exec and the Program Director for our council that no longer exists. The secretary for the Execs and Program was a wonderful woman named Lillian Sugimoto. Everybody loved Lillian. She was a fantastic secretary and was really patient with me when I was learning to be Program person. When one of the Board members donated a computer system to the council. (It was his company’s old one because he was upgrading) we learned to use PCs together. It had dot matrix printers with the endless bolts of paper that you used to have to attach. It had black and orange monitors and came loaded with Wordstar as the word processing program and just about everyone was terrified of using them except us. I loved it because it was easier than the damn typewriter when it came to…

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