Not like the films

Jane Dougherty Writes

The dVerse prompt today is to write a suburb poem. Mine rambles like the Number 11 as it wends its way very slowly from the station to the shopping complex in Bègles.



Here it’s not like in the films,

no tree-lined avenues and big silent cars.

Here are concrete blocks, layered like cakes

or cruise ships, without the glamour

or the icing.

Here are dogs and kids without homes

and homes without kids

just delinquents.

Here the grass is mud,

and the buses pass full of tired people,

and there’s always a group of kids

with their music too loud

and their feet on the seats.

Further out are the streets,

neat and clean,

where the trees in the gardens

come from a catalogue.

No buses come here,

because the old folk are frightened

of the people who use public transport.

They keep in their cars,

speak to…

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