The Eternity Acts

Terri picked up the package of bandages and hauled them over to the new carriage. She placed them next to the cot that the infirmary had squeezed into the carriage. Drenched in sweat from hauling the new equipment provided by the Crown, Terri was sore and aching but still managed to wear a smile – the infirmary would finally be able to help more people with this mobile carriage.

After cramming the bandage container into the last available spot, Terri stood up sighing with relief as she wiped the sweat from her brow. She hopped down from the carriage with a smile and began her walk back into the infirmary to let her boss, P.H., know that she had finished loading the cart. As she entered the infirmary, she noted the sun reaching its zenith – she had finished her chore on time. She might have had time for a…

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