1.3 – Tremble

The Eternity Acts

1.2 – Acetate

Hyde and I left the next morning. I was feeling refreshed after finally being able to change clothes and start the day having eaten the most delicious breakfast, consisting of foods I didn’t recognize. We had packed as light as we could for such a long journey; I only needed a light coat and a few pairs of riding overalls. On top of my wardrobe, I managed to find two knives to arm myself with from the armory. Hyde had recommended only using one of them – he was probably right, but I wanted to try dual-wielding at least once in my life. It was still fairly warm out when we began our journey as it was still a few months away from the colder season; Hyde had mentioned the path should stay snow-free until we hit North Settlement. I dreaded the colder season, imagining that I’d…

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