Feeling Equal? We’ve come a long way baby but we still have a long way to go

Adventures and Musings of an Arch Druidess

If you think you are equal let me take you back to when I was a kid.

Please return all your credit cards. Your husband can let you use his when he feels you deserve it.

Please quit any job that isn’t secretarial, in nursing, in janitorial or teaching. Everything else is a man’s job and you are taking work from him. You may not own your own business unless it’s Tupperware, Mary Kay or Avon.

Your job, if you are allowed one, will include getting your boss his coffee, shopping for his wife, getting his lunch and getting his dry cleaning. There will be no women in management. (At one of my companies we found an old manual that included how to smoke like a lady at work at your desk if your boss allowed it and why you couldn’t wear pants. This led to enormous hilarity)

You can’t…

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