„Write Until I Feel Better“

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Life is full of surprises,
You hit some rough patches in the road,
But you don’t give up,
Painful moments come,
I unleash sadness,
But there is no purpose for it,
Because I’ve been through struggles many times before,
You know what I do?
I write until I feel better

I just lay it all down in one sentence,
Two paragraphs,
A whole page if need be.

Painful moments,
They arrive unexpectedly like unannounced visitors,
Sometimes you can see them coming,
Sometimes you can’t,
And when I can’t,
My eyes fill up with tears.

I have to let it all out sometimes,
I have to just let go,
How would you rather have it?
Have your pain eat away at you,
Making you fail and fall through life like a ton of bricks?
I write until I feel better.
Now you know a little about me.
I’m unpredictable,

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