Drugs, Weapons and Co. – Brazil marginalizes itself

A vida louca

Murder, manslaughter, and robbery with lethal consequence are daily business in Brazil. On average 160 people are a victim of violent death per day. This is one murder every nine minutes. In comparison, the homicide rate of Germany totaled up to 296 people in the year 2015. This is even less than one homicide per day.  As shocking as these numbers are as diverging is the criminality in the different states and cities of Brazil. While the more rural areas and southern states are considered to be more peaceful and less violent, it seethes in the metropolitan areas and the northern states. And this has two fundamental reasons: gang rivalry and poverty. Thus, many juveniles in the favela, for example, try to escape poverty by joining the so-called “gangues“. Therewith, they experience an imaginary world of permanent prosperity and long-life fraternity. But in reality, it is a world full of…

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