Gripp-X Lips by Natalie 


Hey babes!

Have you ever had to sit and search through the million items in your purse just to find your lipstick/liner/gloss for a touch up? I know I have, and it annoys me to no end! Luckily, the lovelyNatalieat Gripp-X has come up with a great (and ADORABLE) solution for this problem!

(P.S. They came in equally adorable little material sinch baggies!)

She created a nifty little holder with 3 different sized sides that will hold your lipstick, gloss and liner. You just put your products into the Gripp-X Lips holder and toss it in your purse! The Gripp-X Lips holders are made of a rubber material so your products don’t just fall out, hence part of the product name being ‚Grip‘. It has been a great and very useful product for me and I know you will love it too!

Doesn’t that sight just make your…

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