The season of good will

Tallis Steelyard


It is with good reason that the collective noun for a group of artists is ‘a brawl.’ Yet as individuals, no more peaceable people could be found anywhere. Well perhaps I exaggerate a little for dramatic effect, but still, we’re quiet enough if left alone. Yet more than that, patrons rely on us to ensure that their various events run smoothly and don’t degenerate into ill-tempered affairs that lead to feuds and bitter quarrels.

Each of us deals with the quarrelsome in different ways. I tend to disarm the quarrellers with self deprecating humour and flashes of wit. Dobart Strun, a sculptor of my acquaintance achieves the same effect by picking the two bickering individuals up, one in each hand, and banging their heads together. It’s a technique, admittedly, but I’m not entirely convinced he should use it on ladies. After all, it can wreak havoc with their hair.


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