These Are Never Ending Stories of the Forgotten

Listen with your Soul

Don’t stand to close to me or soon flowers will be handed to you. Your reaction time was slow on the draw, so your thoughts got painted on the wall. A mirror of memories and runing plasma on the coner stores brick wall. Candlelight vigils sprout up like fresh lavender. As people gather around the candles under the street lights to pay their respects. Late night around 2AM you can hear the sounds of high caliber weapons poping like blood vessels. Many trigger fingers giving birth to pregnant handguns. Choas that’s hard to solve like Chinese arithmetic as a mother’s tears drop from the solar system forming constellations on the pavement. So you know retaliation followed like a chain reaction. Ain’t know white flag being waved around hear! In Satan’s basement loading banana clips in to hungry monkeys. A tit for tat playing tag with bullets. Your it!! Never Ending…

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