India: Delhi’s Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung Resigns

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Najeeb Jung’s sudden exit as lieutenant governor keeps Delhi guessing

DELHIUpdated: Dec 23, 2016 07:17 IST

Kumar Uttam
Kumar Uttam
Hindustan Times

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Delhi’s lieutenant governor Najeeb Jung resigned from the position on Thursday, saying he would return to academics, his ‘first love’. (HT File Photo)

Delhi lieutenant governor Najeeb Jung’s resignation on Thursday might have come as a surprise to many but official sources said that it was “in the offing”.The decision was seemingly already made a couple of weeks ago and the government was looking for his successor. “It was mutually agreed,” said sources.

A home ministry official attributed Jung’s decision to hang his boots to “war weariness”. He was tired of the endless feud with the Aam Admi Party (AAP) government and couldn’t take it anymore, he said.

Another source in the government confirmed, saying that the L-G was finding it “increasingly…

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